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I don't update often.
I don't comment often.
I read! I promise I read.
LJ gets opened at least 2 times a day, minus days that I'm not on the computer.

Lots of things have been going on.
Ethan's officially a Wolf in Boy Scouts. Madi is a Junior.
Popcorn sales are over.
Cookie sales have begun {hit me up if you want some}

Fall has hit Kansas. Not many leaves left on the trees, so I'm glad I got these pictures when I did.

I'll take it
Weight-loss has been occurring, simply because my ass has to MOVE now because of things. Which is good.

16. Something you wrote
NaNoWriMo prep has begun. I'm doing a semi-DnD-based novel. :D

NaNoWriMo Binder Party
I have binders of characters {instead of teh womenz}

Camp Bowser
Madi had a field trip. She did a lot of yelling LOL

Camp Bowser
It's been gloomy

19. Letters
I've been doing a LOT of reading. I just finished a series, well what has been published thus far. Eventually, I'll do a review for it on my book review blog.

That's about it.


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