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I cannot believe that in just under 2 hours, I can start writing.
*runs around screaming*
Oh holy CRAP!
My main character, Linden, was sold into slavery, basically, by her father. She was sold to the thieves guild. They trained her. They guided her. They gave her skills she can use. They want payment for that. Linden just wants to be free to live her life, to go where she pleases, to do what she wants. The Guild isn’t about to let her just walk away. She has to finish out her jobs.
She wants a clean break, so she doesn’t have to continue to look over her shoulder, so she agrees. What she doesn’t realize is that the Guild wants her to fail. They send out a bounty hunter, Obsurn, to make sure that she fails. She’s one of their best rogues and they’re not going to give her up without a fight.
Osburn and Linden have a history. That history involves a lot of drama. Drama that hasn’t been fleshed out yet.
Linden isn’t happy that she has Osburn on her tail. She knows he’s there to make her fail. What she doesn’t know is that he’s fighting his own heart and doesn’t want to see her fail. He wants her to succeed. He wants her to have all that she desires in life.
Who will see their goal achieved? Will the Guild lose a member? Will hearts break?
The premise/synopsis of my story.
We'll see how it goes!

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