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Saturday, 4 February 2012 13:03
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Query: Laptop 1 or Laptop 2?
Note: I don't really need it for awesome gaming or anything. If it does NWN 2 (or even just 1), I'll be happy. It's more for photo-editing.
have a max budget of $1k on the laptop, $1200 with taxes. No, I don't want a netbook :D I still want to do SOME gaming
Also: I have a few weeks on this, as I have to wait for the deposit of Tax Return ROFL
Also: I refuse to buy Sony. I barely trust them with a PS2, XD
Also, I don't want a Mac. Nope. Not even a consideration.
Nor do I want a tablet. Eh, maybe I want the Kindle Fire, so if I can go even SMALLER on budget, that would be awesome

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Okay, our tower is less than a year old (we got it 04/18/2010 ;))

So, it's overheating ... when we game. We know that we need both a new power supply and/or a graphics card.

BIG issue is the graphics card, but we might have to upgrade the power supply to get a new graphics card. We're not burning this one out.

Well, I'm not sure what to look at for this.

Tower: HP P6310y
Motherboard: M2N78-LA (Violet6)
Processor: AMD Athlon X4 630
Current card: GeForce 9100 integrated POS (even NVIDIA says that )

Power supply is currently only 300W. It's model number is ATX0300D5WC.

So ... any suggestions on what the computer can handle would be like totally awesome ;)
We're hoping to get a 1-gig card, since the tower can HANDLE 16gigs without a problem. We only have 6gigs , so we can upgrade EASILY ;)

You know it's bad when my 2-year-old laptop with 2 gigs of RAM can handle games better than the tower so we gotta get this fixed SOON ... you know, before the house, and we're totally broke forever
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My laptop (HP dv6000 series) is 2 years old, with Vista and 2 gigs of RAM. We're considering upgrading it to Windows 7. Vista is running like ASS and 7 seems to be smoother, and run better on less RAM. But I'm also comparing it to a quad-core system, with 6 gigs, and not a dual-core with 2 gigs.

Is it better to upgrade to Win7 or just upgrade the RAM (since its a similar cost)?

The problems I'm having:
general slowness {programs take forever to open}

I tend to multi-task (firefox, e-mail program, etc), as well as work heavily in graphics editing programs (I have PSP X3 and will soon, hopefully, be using PSE 8).

Virus protection is Norton 360. No, I'm not changing. We get screwed every time we change ;)


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