Monday, 20 February 2012 18:11
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100_2080.JPG 100_2089.JPG
The kids FINALLY have actual beds. Not just mattresses on the floor. $320 or so for both, with taxes :D
On top of that, we also bought them new pillows, Ethan got a new sheet set that matches his comforter that we had to replace and Madison got a pillowcase that matches her comforter. Josh and I also got new pillows LOL.
Oh, and $885 went to fix the Blazer.
Now, we might be spending some of the summer looking into college loans for me. I'm scared, but we would like me to go back to work. I'd like to go back to work. Something where I don't have to worry about the weird random days off. I can deal with those courtesy of, you know, being off as well. :D

MMM, Popcorn

Wednesday, 21 September 2011 22:25
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I have NO idea what happened with that last link (I swear I got it from Josh's FB, and it WORKED when I used it :/) but here's the CORRECT one:

We truly appreciate anyone who is willing to help him out.

Long Time No Post

Saturday, 6 August 2011 16:25
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_MG_2219, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Yeah, I had all these plans of blogging daily with LJ, but with them being so completely fail with not having a Windows 7 Mobile app, and no real answer on if they will, I haven't been blogging. The mobile site sucks ass. SO, I've been using my WP blog more :D

Otherwise, not much going on. Enrolled kids at school on Thursday. They start on the 17th (they got out the 19th of May). I haven't met their teachers, but I hope to soon. I've seen Ethan's! Her kids had swimming lessons the same time as Mrs. Stuewe's, LOL! Which was the class before Ethan and Madi, time-wise :D

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My darling daughter has figured out how to ruin each and every shot that she’s in.


If it’s not her, it’s Ethan doing it Laughing out loud

My kids … they’re nuts!

I Can Has Cuties!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010 09:38
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_MG_9485 300/365 - Astrid Pays a Visit

The kids were able to wear their Halloween costumes to school today.

Ethan, obviously, is going as Woody. His costume is a little short. Good thing he has the boots, right? *LOL*

Madison is going as Astrid, from How to Train Your Dragon. She was going to go as Tinkerbell but the costume totally didn’t fit. It said it fit 4-6x. 6x must have REALLY changed because Madi’s in 6s now, and good god, her clothes aren’t THAT baggy. Its like its designed for someone 2-3x her size, around, but her height. That’s kind of scary, honestly. Yeah, I know she’s on the small size for her age, but good LORD. That would be a 65-80lb 7-year-old. We didn’t, all 3 of us in my family, didn’t hit that weight until we were at least 9 or 10. Heck, my brother, until he was SIXTEEN was 4’8” and 65lb, LMAO. He technically should have been in a booster until he was 13, ROFL.

In other news, I’m playing with Scrivener for Windows. Its in BETA. BETA runs out Dec. 12, and the new one comes out. So, yeah. Not sure what I’m gonna write NaNo with, but eh, I’m enjoying trying out new programs!

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The reason I just adore this shot is because of the face that Ethan’s making! He looks SO MUCH like Josh that it’s SCARY, and he’s such an adorably adorable little dude.

The picture is even sweeter because he was SICK when this picture was taken. Slight fever and a headache that he’d been complaining about for the past couple days (yes, I gave him meds, but since I had a headache in the same spot, pretty sure it was the change in atmospheric pressure).

Madi and Josh look so serious, though, LOL. Which makes Ethan EVEN cuter, IMO.

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_MG_8201*w00t* )

Yeah ... What?

Thursday, 20 May 2010 23:32
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Little Man broke his arm this evening and I'm still waiting on the Husband to come home home with him (I had to stay home because Madi has school tomorrow).

I send a really cute picture of him smiling at the ER/Urgent Care, but nope, either my phone isn't sending pictures or both and Flickr are FAIL!
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I have 3 people on my friends list (maybe more) that have a child(ren) born in March of 2005. *gasp*

[ profile] adorishly: daughter
[ profile] irishka1205: daughter
[ profile] underwear_slave: daughter

and [ profile] faking_it's boys are in February (or are they March as well?)

March was INSANE!!

Oh, and, in case you wonder why I care: Ethan's birthday is WEDNESDAY!! He'll also be FIVE!
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Now leave!!

But before you do, here's some pictures :)

Catching flakes
Ethan's just catching some flakes.
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This is just hilarious! I didn't even realize that it was Fillmore until I was opening up the picture in Photoshop!! E has a nice chunk of the Cars cars now. Josh is on the hunt for the El Materdor sets. He wants several of the combines for some reason, LMAO!

video of WTF I'm talking about )

I Fail

Monday, 18 January 2010 20:20
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I was hoping to do daily posts here but I don't care. Most of the month has been done, LOL!

Otherwise, seriously not too much going on. Seriously!

But here's a sad picture:
Someone doesn't want Daddy to go!

Recent Pic

Thursday, 14 January 2010 19:38
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Here's a recent pic of Ethan (so recent I took it this morning, LOL!):


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