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Friday, 16 November 2012 10:20
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I don't ask things like this often (if rarely) but if anyone could repin this for me, I'd be very thankful!!

Trying for this:
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My laptop (HP dv6000 series) is 2 years old, with Vista and 2 gigs of RAM. We're considering upgrading it to Windows 7. Vista is running like ASS and 7 seems to be smoother, and run better on less RAM. But I'm also comparing it to a quad-core system, with 6 gigs, and not a dual-core with 2 gigs.

Is it better to upgrade to Win7 or just upgrade the RAM (since its a similar cost)?

The problems I'm having:
general slowness {programs take forever to open}

I tend to multi-task (firefox, e-mail program, etc), as well as work heavily in graphics editing programs (I have PSP X3 and will soon, hopefully, be using PSE 8).

Virus protection is Norton 360. No, I'm not changing. We get screwed every time we change ;)
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I'm trying to search Component_Help, but half their entries are missing, so yeah, that's a fail!

--> I want more "widgets" on the sidebars (I can only add two, it seems and I want more!)
--> I want to add a header ;) ... figured that one out :P
--> I want to customize the layout more ;)

Oh, and OW!! I'm having some serious pain in my abdominal area! It's not muscle, but bloating, it feels like! OUCH!!


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