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Oh fucking hell fucking YES!!
Josh is officially a regular in the city of Topeka. He’s a full-time, paid holidays, $1 less an hour, REGULAR carrier!
Yes, we’re a little excited.

In other news, I'm at 32K in my NaNo ... courtesy 100% of sprints. Minus like, um, 1K of words, all have been written during sprints. Maybe 2 or 3k not but still. [ profile] writingvixen, thank you for introducing me to [ profile] allyear_sprints
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The reason I just adore this shot is because of the face that Ethan’s making! He looks SO MUCH like Josh that it’s SCARY, and he’s such an adorably adorable little dude.

The picture is even sweeter because he was SICK when this picture was taken. Slight fever and a headache that he’d been complaining about for the past couple days (yes, I gave him meds, but since I had a headache in the same spot, pretty sure it was the change in atmospheric pressure).

Madi and Josh look so serious, though, LOL. Which makes Ethan EVEN cuter, IMO.

Yeah ... What?

Thursday, 20 May 2010 23:32
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Little Man broke his arm this evening and I'm still waiting on the Husband to come home home with him (I had to stay home because Madi has school tomorrow).

I send a really cute picture of him smiling at the ER/Urgent Care, but nope, either my phone isn't sending pictures or both and Flickr are FAIL!
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Now leave!!

But before you do, here's some pictures :)

Catching flakes
Ethan's just catching some flakes.
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Friday, 22 January 2010 12:40
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I now have four different cases to choose from for my phone:

The biggest problem? Josh has to take them off for me! I can't do it! ROFL!!
Oh, and the black wires are the headphones for it!! *w00t*

I Fail

Monday, 18 January 2010 20:20
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I was hoping to do daily posts here but I don't care. Most of the month has been done, LOL!

Otherwise, seriously not too much going on. Seriously!

But here's a sad picture:
Someone doesn't want Daddy to go!

10 Books

Wednesday, 6 January 2010 17:53
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Good lord!! I just hit 10 books for the year already. No, I haven't finished them all. I just started #10 and still need to finish #6 (it's my bedtime book ;))

So, what how is your year going so far?
Josh got a letter from the lawyer hired by State Farm. He has to meet them on the 18th for a prep for the deposition on the 22nd. Fuck! Bitch is still suing him (for those that don't know, in 2007, Josh was rear-ended, then t-boned. Woman who hit him first was driving on a suspended license, and Josh was found *at fault* because he was "driving too fast for the conditions" - 30mph in a 70 during snowy conditions.). She's suing Josh for loss of wages and supposed injuries. Um, stupid bitch, if you hadn't been on the road, like you legally were supposed to be off, you wouldn't have been injured, you wouldn't have ended up in jail, and you wouldn't have lost your job. Hmm, whose real fault is all of this?

Gah! So, we have to miss hours (because they're just going to schedule him 5 days, which means we'll lose that 6th day of pay. *grumble*

Fuck off, Justice System.
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Originally posted here.

Ugh! I'm tired of drama. There's just a never ending slew of it.

--One of Josh's manager's has been busted for bitching about carriers, calling them by names, on Facebook. I have no idea what was said, but from what I understand, it was more than just "So and so is a fucking buffoon". I will honestly admit that I have said a few choice things, especially on Twitter, about Josh's postmaster in charge (his former, while a bitch was more fair and logical, was "forced into retirement" basically for "allowing" carriers to go over their times, because KC pulled all the TEs, and regulars and PTFs alike were all pulling major OT because of holidays and vacations (because vacations were planned around the ability to use TEs)) is an absolute bastard (IE: he asked one woman, who'd recently lost a child if they "sucked it out of her or something like that"). Yes, the local NALC is doing everything in their power to get this fucker banned from ever being able to come into this station again.
Anyway, I usually leave this manager's name out of it, but from what I understand from Josh, the stuff the other manager was saying was really bad, like fire-able offenses if she'd said them out-loud (and grievance worthy, if she'd said them to the carriers themselves). The stuff I've said about the PM-IC I would have no problem saying to his face (though it might end up nasty, if he commented back, because Josh is already on the warpath about shit this same fucker is pulling on his little brother -- yes, Josh is still stuck in Big Brother-mode with both Jesse and Jamie, :lol:).
Okay, yeah, that whole thing I wrote makes NO SENSE, but I feel better. But there's more drama.
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I base it on the cover (yes, the cover), and I also look at the back/synopsis. If there's an excerpt, I'll read that. Mainly, I base it on who wrote it and family/friend suggestions.

Currently I'm reading the Bay Harbor series by Nora Roberts. I've read the series a few times, but I still love reading it. Josh is actually the one who got me the first two of the series. He based it on his knowledge of me, and my love of Nora Roberts :)


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