Monday, 20 February 2012 18:11
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The kids FINALLY have actual beds. Not just mattresses on the floor. $320 or so for both, with taxes :D
On top of that, we also bought them new pillows, Ethan got a new sheet set that matches his comforter that we had to replace and Madison got a pillowcase that matches her comforter. Josh and I also got new pillows LOL.
Oh, and $885 went to fix the Blazer.
Now, we might be spending some of the summer looking into college loans for me. I'm scared, but we would like me to go back to work. I'd like to go back to work. Something where I don't have to worry about the weird random days off. I can deal with those courtesy of, you know, being off as well. :D
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There is a kid who’s just a bad kid all around. He needs an attitude adjustment badly.

So, they’re throwing baseballs, and I finally just had enough. I told him off for it.

Told him flat out that if he breaks my window I was going to break him.

Weird, but best part, the other kids were standing up with me, saying that he needed to stop, or he was going to get his family evicted.

Then, I have a neighbor walk up to me and thank me, for saying it. Said that she’s forever out there telling them to stop throwing rocks and things because they’re going to break something.

Ugh! Lack of parenting is quite apparent.

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makes Sarah a very boring person :O

So, here's an update XD

Bright Sunshiney Day
Dec. 01: I actually went outside :O
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Now leave!!

But before you do, here's some pictures :)

Catching flakes
Ethan's just catching some flakes.
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If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

Honestly? I think I would either buy some more bras (I'm getting addicted to VS stuff), or I'd be buying the kids some more toys or clothes :)


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