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Osburn (aka Os, pronounced Oz) and Melinden (aka Linden)

I can be excited now right? Also, yes, if you watch Disney Channel, Os looks a LOT like Gary Wild LOL!

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or something.
Okay, my story:
She had just moved across the country from everyone she knew and loved. She's given a chance to make some friends, but rebuffs them. She chases her cat, and ends up in another world. To escape this world, she must team up with beings she's never seen before and fight creatures she's never imagined could exist.
So, that's the "prewrite" beginning, but I have a question for the middle. It's a romance. So, there has to be sex.
The world she ends up in is Faerun (Dungeons and Dragon world). She's helped by the man she rebuffs. Well, his character anyway.
My question: safe to have sex? See, I'm still not sure if he's going to "remember" what she remembers or not. Maybe she'll just chalk it up to a very erotic dream?
Please. Anything. Seriously.
Well, no mocking :D Not that I think anyone would :D

The Brain Blurbs

Wednesday, 5 October 2011 16:07
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To see her, you would know that she is used to having things easier in life. It is more than that she is beautiful. Her green eyes shone with a shrewdness, that spoke of the ability to argue a point until the other party gave up.

I can’t turn off my brain. It wanted to write. It’s not long, but I’m slowly seeing my main female character of the #NaNoWriMo :D

I’m excited for this November. I’ve got a “planning” write-in on the 10th, that evening. Josh is off, THANK GOD, so I can go and not have to worry about the kids.

There’s another the 24th, the Kick-Off Open-mouthed smile Hopefully Josh can get off on time for that Open-mouthed smile Or else I’ll be taking the kids and he’ll be sneaking in to get them Laughing out loud.

I also see there are TWO write-in sessions for my local region! YAY! That’s one more than last year Party smile

Besides local stuff, I’m going to be hosting sprints on AIM, through . Open-mouthed smile I'm a new mod there ... for November Open-mouthed smile[ profile] allyear_sprints

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So, I was discussing a NaNo idea with Josh. I LOVE the idea of doing a DnD one, but I want a modern twist on it. He helped me semi-flesh out an idea:
IDEA A : The MC is in the "modern" world, and is a gamer, and gets knocked unconscious living out a DnD fantasy "dream".
IDEA B : The MC is asked out by the resident "geek" (who isn't the stereotypical geek, I swear. He doesn't live in his mom's basement ;)). She turns him down, and somehow she ends up in the DnD fantasy world, and the only way to get out/wake-up is with the help of the "geek". She learns a lot about herself, and finds she actually knew more than she thought she did. Or something.


The idea better happen. I just bought TWO books on Amazon to support the idea.
Oh well, if not, Josh wanted them anyways :D


I’m getting good responses:

From @Cylithria: “you know what I Love, love, love the Idea B, but then again I love Idea A too. These are brilliant Sarah (and Josh) now I am all excited to read these. Hurry up and write it already will you? ;)”


From @daisysmiles4you: “I think I like the 2nd one...I always feel kinda of cheated at the end by the first type of plot. They can be very good but to find out that it's all "just a dream"....Ie sigh. shrug … Plus w/the 2nd you could do a bunch with misunderstandings due to jargon and the like real world vs gaming...”


My response to @daisysmiles4you: “I was already coming up with quotes. I can bring in Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, Star Wars, etc into it :-D Alternate universe sounds more fun. :-P”

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So, as anyone who is on my Twitter/Facebook/etc. has heard, I’ve been sick. I’m dealing with a fever and major headaches. Sinus all the way. Freaking SUCKS hard core, let me tell you!! I hate, hate, hate my sinuses. Even in FL, they were full of fail Sad smile
So, I didn’t write a word this weekend. Literally. Not a single word Sad smile
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Thursday, 5 November 2009 08:41
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Day 01: 1001
Day 02: 3981
Day 03: 6021
Day 04: 7006

Yeah, Day 4 I wrote less words than I did on Day 01, but I got my word goal and passed it by 339.
Today's goal is a minimum of 8333. That means I have to write 1327. My goal, personally, is 8500-9000, which means I'd have to write 1494 to 1994 words. Can I do it? We'll see. I'm hacking up a lung today, so I might not be able to do it (it also a new episode of BONES!!

And not that I give a flying poop, but who won the World Series?
Okay, maybe not. :( Fox has been saying "New episode Thursday". What a joke! Stupid lying FOX. It's not even Faux News!!

Otherwise, not much going on, LOL.
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Okay, first, new icons. I added several new ones. My favorite is currently my default. It makes me LOL, and it's actually true!!

Now, on to the NaNo updates:

Day 01: 1001
Day 02: 3981
Day 03: 6021
Day 04 (3:22pm): 6241

Alestra passed out when Temper turned into his Faery form.
Cullum hates Alestra because she is a full-blooded Vampiric Human (he's a half breed).

Mmm, fun!!
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Okay, for Day 1, it was a total failure. I was so sick, courtesy of the flu, that I only got 1001 words done. Like I said, total fail!

Day 2, still had flu and could not concentrate. Josh suggested going into the bedroom and chilling out. So, I did, and opened the Write Or Die Desktop Edition.

The main writing blog got a one paragraph preview of the story, if you want to read it.


The flu has moved into my chest, so I'm like, death becomes her right now. At least I feel like that.
Yet, I'm waking up before 7am today and yesterday. Seriously? Who is this person? Shoot, by this time yesterday, I'd already showered. I had showered today before Josh left for work at quarter to seven. Helped with the chest, though!!


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