Friday, 29 June 2012

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Dirty Liberal
Human rights for all
Uterus equality
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175/366 [2012] - Scout Sleeper, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Ethan had his first real camp-out.
He got rained on.
But he had fun!

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176/366 [2012] - It's Mine, Mom, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Madison had birthday money. She spent it happily :D

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177/366 [2012] - Sunset, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

How the old mountains drip with sunset,
And the brake of dun!
How the hemlocks are tipped in tinsel
By the wizard sun!

How the old steeples hand the scarlet,
Till the ball is full, --
Have I the lip of the flamingo
That I dare to tell?

Then, how the fire ebbs like billows,
Touching all the grass
With a departing, sapphire feature,
As if a duchess pass!

How a small dusk crawls on the village
Till the houses blot;
And the odd flambeaux no men carry
Glimmer on the spot!

Now it is night in nest and kennel,
And where was the wood,
Just a dome of abyss is nodding
Into solitude! --

These are the visions baffled Guido;
Titian never told;
Domenichino dropped the pencil,
Powerless to unfold.

-Emily Dickinson

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178/366 [2012] - Fake, But Not, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Nails, that is. They're fun. I'll do them for special events or something, but not all the time :D

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We need a new vacuum. First one in over 6 years, and only because the clip that keeps it upright snapped. I like this one. A LOT :D

The Bissell Total Floors Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum offers a powerful, multi-cyclonic cleaning system with unique Helix Technology. It easily moves from carpets to hard floors for vacuuming all around the house. With the tap of your foot, turn off the brush roll as you move on to hard surfaces for scatter-free suction. Also, no more bending over to clean along edges! Simply attach the crevice tool to the hose and insert it into to the edge cleaning port on the foot of vacuum! Powerful suction is now diverted to the side of the vacuum and you clean along walls and edges where pet hair accumulates. A long 35-foot cord and Febreze filter allow you to clean in more places in your house and leave it smelling fresh while you vacuum.

Bissell Total Floors Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, Black/Green/Purple, 61C5W:

Recommended for carpet, hard floor and above floor
Bagless, upright system
12 amps maximum power
Cord length: 35'
7 height adjustments
Easy Empty Dirt Cup collection
Febreeze filter
Multi-cyclonic, Helix system
Includes pet TurboEraser tool and pet hair fabric tool
3-year limited warranty
Model# 61C5W

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180/366 [2012] - Kansas City, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

We've lived in Kansas for 7 years now. Well, it'll be EIGHT in July :O
We've finally visited Kansas City, instead of just driving through it.
Well, the Missouri end.
It was a great day, fun was had by all.
Blisters were earned by one. :O

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181/366 [2012] - What a Mess, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

I need to redo the desk again.
Clean it. Organize it.
I need one of those paper organizer things.
And a pencil one. Maybe something under for other stuff.
As if I'd use them.