Friday, 6 July 2012

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Watching the ones in DC. Kids were enthralled, until we blared 1812 Overture ;)

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Day 05: Sleeping on the floor, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

When exhaustion hits you, you collapse in the most convenient spots

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day 06: Table and chairs, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Only used by the kids, LOL

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184/366 [2012] - Painted, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Madison got a paint-by-number set from her grandfather for her birthday. This is what she did. I think it turned out pretty well, considering this was her first time doing something like that.

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185/366 [2012] - Patriotic Nails, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Instead of Captain America underpants on my nails, I went for just some tips. Lasted all day, and turned out well, IMO :D

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186/366 [2012] - 4th S'mores, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

a package of marshmallows
2 packages of melting chocolate, in red & blue, or food coloring
a pack of red, white, and blue M&Ms
a package or more of graham crackers

Melt your chocolate. Took a minute in my microwave, according to directions.
Place a graham square down.
Dip one marshmallow into one color. Place on top of graham cracker
Dip another marshmallow in the other color. Place on top of the first marshmallow.
I used my M&Ms to decorate the bottom of my “firecracker”.

More information:

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187/366 [2012] - Hair, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Wow. I didn't realize how red my hair had gotten. It's officially a strawberry blond, at least underneath.
I'm loving it!! ♥


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