Saturday, 25 August 2012

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232/366 [2012] - Reading, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Well, I think it's considered reading.
Josh has passed on his obsession with Star Wars to our son. Ethan is always glued to it.
Then you add in Legos, and the bond is complete. They're both fanatics for it.

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I got a free printed photo book from Shutterfly and Klout. I just love my little book. The kids love looking at it too.
I used all pictures for it, and I really do love how it turned out.
I think I'm going to have to order a few more for my parents, so that they can enjoy pictures of the kids in a more permanent fashion.

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I saw that little tongue of hers creeping out as she concentrated on her Amath, and I honestly couldn't resist taking a picture of it. It's a habit that I do as well, and I adore that it's one that she's picked up. It wasn't something she was taught. She's been doing it since she was an infant.

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235/366 [2012] - Okay?, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

I was bored, so I took a picture of myself.
It's actually not a bad one, minus the weird crap going on with my skin. It's SERIOUSLY dry on the apples of my cheek, really oily between the brows on the forehead, and just weird and thin under my chin. That weird dark spot on my neck/chin is actually a basic permanent bruise because of how I sit at a table.

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236/366 [2012] - Freshly Dyed, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Well, my hair was. Really cannot tell, at all, that I'd colored it. It's weird. Well, I won't be using that product again. Fifteen minutes had to be WAY too short of a time.
The color I chose was "White Chocolate". It was the ONLY version of blonde that they had. I'm trying to even out the color without having to pay a crapton of money for it. Looks like I'm not going to have a choice.
I'm thinking, instead of going all blonde, I'm going to try for Daphne Red. From the live-action versions of Scooby Doo. Sarah Michelle Gellar's version of her. I think I could pull that off. Though my face does tend to drift towards red in the winter, it really does seem to work pretty good for me, the red.

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The kids have finished their first full week of school. They both did it with "green" (meaning doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing, with no complaints from the teachers), and that means that they got a treat. Today is was vanilla pudding. Mmmm. Lucky kids!

Day 25: Fresh

Saturday, 25 August 2012 20:29
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Day 25: Fresh, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

25. Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh. Like fresh food, or the weather {if it’s fresh} or something cool {“That’s fresh!”}
I'm fresh and clean from the bath :D


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