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Currently, it's Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Pickler.
11 times since May 2009, LOL.
Followed by that is New Divide by Linkin Park with 9 times and You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift with 6 times.
Then again, I Run to You, with it's 4 different versions [conversions/downloads], it's 13, LOL
Stay the Same by Joey McIntyre comes up with 6

So, who knows exactly how many times each song is *actually* played, but I have a bit of an eclectic taste, I think :)

5/9/09 19:04 (UTC)
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mines is on random...

and i skip most of them..

and it depends on how i feel when im running.. for like two weeks straight all i listened to while running was lady gaga. and i hate myself for that. lol

i dont know how to check my most played song... its prob some ghey nkotb song.. like twisted, or joe's nyc girls (live)

5/9/09 19:09 (UTC)
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it does.
but i'd have to plug it in, and i havent done that in ages. lol

i'll have to do it after insanity.. so.. about 40 mins i'l sync and see what it says.

5/9/09 20:06 (UTC)
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i kinda miss being... away.
it was so nice not being teathered .... lol

now to sync my zune

5/9/09 20:14 (UTC)
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its nice being so connected.. but its so freeing when your not.

i didnt have to run over to my laptop to see what i might have missed (cuz.. NOTHING) i didnt have to have my phone attached to my body... in case i might miss... NOTHING...

i was able to just mop the floor, do the dishes, change a diaper, clean a bird cage... i didnt have to tell freaking twitter all about it... i didnt have to read ppl tweeting "just as lame" tweets... no lame internet drama, no texts driving me up the wall, no over stimulation...

i may revisit that place again.

5/9/09 20:23 (UTC)
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i hate everyone around me too.. and i started hating everyone that lives in my laptop/phone. i just couldnt deal anymore... ive done it for a few hours here and there, but this was the first time i've done it for DAYS.. and i loved it.... i hated turning on my laptop today, but i had to pay some bills. otherwise, i dunno when i would have turned it on.

i always have the tv on.. well not always, but more often than not... just a movie for the girls... i like it off, but sometimes gretchen askes for it.. then doesnt watch it.. like right now. then other times, they sit and watch, then leave to play...

but i dont have cable. and i'm ok with that.

5/9/09 20:50 (UTC)
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we are cable or nothing too.
basic is like 22 bucks.
i pay 40 for my internet, and its 3.something mb speed...and my netflix is 33 bucks.. so 73 bucks for everything i need. works for me. and im not gonna sit around on my ass just so i can "see whats on next" kwim

5/9/09 20:33 (UTC)
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most played song is NYC Girls - Joe McIntyre - 150 plays
then I Don't Knw Why I Love You - Joe - 147 plays

lol but i dont know if its done sync'in to the website yet... i cant tell. it doesnt look it... we'll see, i'll check it again in a while, cuz i have to have more than just joe for my top songs... but then again, for the longest time, the ONLY thing on my zune was joe and nkotb.

5/9/09 20:51 (UTC)
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all my high plays are joe. LOL.
but i onlyl listen when i run.. and i have songs i rather listen to while running, so i skip a lot.. so i think as of right now.. i dont listen to anything enough to bump joe out of the top slots.


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