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or something.
Okay, my story:
She had just moved across the country from everyone she knew and loved. She's given a chance to make some friends, but rebuffs them. She chases her cat, and ends up in another world. To escape this world, she must team up with beings she's never seen before and fight creatures she's never imagined could exist.
So, that's the "prewrite" beginning, but I have a question for the middle. It's a romance. So, there has to be sex.
The world she ends up in is Faerun (Dungeons and Dragon world). She's helped by the man she rebuffs. Well, his character anyway.
My question: safe to have sex? See, I'm still not sure if he's going to "remember" what she remembers or not. Maybe she'll just chalk it up to a very erotic dream?
Please. Anything. Seriously.
Well, no mocking :D Not that I think anyone would :D

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My laptop (HP dv6000 series) is 2 years old, with Vista and 2 gigs of RAM. We're considering upgrading it to Windows 7. Vista is running like ASS and 7 seems to be smoother, and run better on less RAM. But I'm also comparing it to a quad-core system, with 6 gigs, and not a dual-core with 2 gigs.

Is it better to upgrade to Win7 or just upgrade the RAM (since its a similar cost)?

The problems I'm having:
general slowness {programs take forever to open}

I tend to multi-task (firefox, e-mail program, etc), as well as work heavily in graphics editing programs (I have PSP X3 and will soon, hopefully, be using PSE 8).

Virus protection is Norton 360. No, I'm not changing. We get screwed every time we change ;)

Help Me Out

Tuesday, 9 February 2010 09:59
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I’m so going to cross-post this everywhere, but I need some major ideas and suggestions:

Okay, I need major help!! Okay, not help, but suggestions. For my pictures, when I post them, I currently use this:

and I love the "Snap to Scrap" (no one else seems to have it based on a basic google search *w00t*), but, I'm needing a "smaller design" to work with these actions: Finish It
Any suggestions? Any ideas?


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