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I have 3 people on my friends list (maybe more) that have a child(ren) born in March of 2005. *gasp*

[ profile] adorishly: daughter
[ profile] irishka1205: daughter
[ profile] underwear_slave: daughter

and [ profile] faking_it's boys are in February (or are they March as well?)

March was INSANE!!

Oh, and, in case you wonder why I care: Ethan's birthday is WEDNESDAY!! He'll also be FIVE!
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My birthday isn't until Dec, but since it's football season, Mom sent me a few of my presents early.
She got me a tshirt that has Peyton Manning on it. I am in serious heaven with this shirt.
She also got me a black shirt that's long-sleeved. It's a woman's shirt, so it'll fit great.
Add to that, she also got me the cutest most adorable little bear, now officially christened "Double Oh", who came with a fleece Colts blanket. Can we say that someone is totes spoiled?

Birthday Girls

Thursday, 27 August 2009 14:35
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Okay, since Madi no longer wears adorable little girl clothes, I have to find someone else’s daughters to spoil with clothes. Just not as bad as I did Madi ;)

Well, I found my “victims”: [ profile] freyalynn's daughters. Their birthday is Oct. 06. They will get presents, LOL!

Walmart shopping FTW: Read more... )

Oh, and I found the perfect birthday card for Kori, as well. She’ll just have to wait until next month to see that bitch though ;)


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