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Mishelle asked that question in a blog post, and you know what? I really have to think on that. I responded with this:

I dream of being able to work from home, making a good amount of money, so that I can take a vacation and not have to worry if we’ll have enough for bills, because my husband would be losing all that OT. Whether it be by my writing, my photography, or something :D

That’s true, but it’s not the whole story. I want to learn to take pictures that people would want to buy, whether it would be limited prints, or unlimited.

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I Remember

Saturday, 11 September 2010 10:48
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This post is something I do each year, and you’d think each year it would get easier, but it never has. I’m praying it never does, because that means we’re forgetting.

Nine years ago, I was living in Florida. Nine years ago, Josh and I were friends. Nine years ago, I didn’t have contact with the family who meant the most to me. Nine years ago, everything changed. Some for the better, some for the worse.

It started out as an ordinary day. I wake up, take a shower, enjoying some Linkin Park. I get in my crappy Ford Tempo, and drive to school. I honestly cannot remember what class. According to the day of the week it happened, it was apparently English Composition.

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Indiana Bound ... and back

So, Sunday, I left for Indiana (with the brats and my husband).
I got to meet my nephew, FINALLY! He turns 9 months old on the 17th!

I spent most of Sunday and Monday behind the camera, as well as Thursday. But Tuesday? I was in the ER!
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Originally posted here.

Ugh! I'm tired of drama. There's just a never ending slew of it.

--One of Josh's manager's has been busted for bitching about carriers, calling them by names, on Facebook. I have no idea what was said, but from what I understand, it was more than just "So and so is a fucking buffoon". I will honestly admit that I have said a few choice things, especially on Twitter, about Josh's postmaster in charge (his former, while a bitch was more fair and logical, was "forced into retirement" basically for "allowing" carriers to go over their times, because KC pulled all the TEs, and regulars and PTFs alike were all pulling major OT because of holidays and vacations (because vacations were planned around the ability to use TEs)) is an absolute bastard (IE: he asked one woman, who'd recently lost a child if they "sucked it out of her or something like that"). Yes, the local NALC is doing everything in their power to get this fucker banned from ever being able to come into this station again.
Anyway, I usually leave this manager's name out of it, but from what I understand from Josh, the stuff the other manager was saying was really bad, like fire-able offenses if she'd said them out-loud (and grievance worthy, if she'd said them to the carriers themselves). The stuff I've said about the PM-IC I would have no problem saying to his face (though it might end up nasty, if he commented back, because Josh is already on the warpath about shit this same fucker is pulling on his little brother -- yes, Josh is still stuck in Big Brother-mode with both Jesse and Jamie, :lol:).
Okay, yeah, that whole thing I wrote makes NO SENSE, but I feel better. But there's more drama.
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My family. You fuck with my family, you fuck with me. Friends become like that, as well.

Otherwise, there's a lot of things I'm strong for or against, but nothing as much as family.

Yeah, most likely read the question completely wrong, LOL.


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