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So, as anyone who is on my Twitter/Facebook/etc. has heard, I’ve been sick. I’m dealing with a fever and major headaches. Sinus all the way. Freaking SUCKS hard core, let me tell you!! I hate, hate, hate my sinuses. Even in FL, they were full of fail Sad smile
So, I didn’t write a word this weekend. Literally. Not a single word Sad smile
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The reason I just adore this shot is because of the face that Ethan’s making! He looks SO MUCH like Josh that it’s SCARY, and he’s such an adorably adorable little dude.

The picture is even sweeter because he was SICK when this picture was taken. Slight fever and a headache that he’d been complaining about for the past couple days (yes, I gave him meds, but since I had a headache in the same spot, pretty sure it was the change in atmospheric pressure).

Madi and Josh look so serious, though, LOL. Which makes Ethan EVEN cuter, IMO.

Oh Wow!

Thursday, 22 October 2009 17:03
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Yesterday, we had to buy a new monitor for the tower. It's a gorgeous HP 20" LCD Widescreen HD. *sweet* right? Best thing? I get it when we get a new tower come tax return (and depending on the towers available, might be upgrading the laptop to 7, *w00t*).

I also finally got a watch, and the kidlets Halloween costumes. Madi is going as Dorothy and Ethan is going as Buzz. No Bumblebee this year, LOL.

Not much else really going on. Dealing with dizziness on and off courtesy of the weather fluctuations. OH! And I'm actually *cleaning* the apartment. That's an improvement, right?



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