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It's VERY dark and VERY bright! but I like it!!
And it looks pretty sweet on both the tower and the laptop.

I do need to figure out how to adjust the brightness of the monitor. Holy shiz, it's BRIGHT compared to the laptop!
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I'm trying to search Component_Help, but half their entries are missing, so yeah, that's a fail!

--> I want more "widgets" on the sidebars (I can only add two, it seems and I want more!)
--> I want to add a header ;) ... figured that one out :P
--> I want to customize the layout more ;)

Oh, and OW!! I'm having some serious pain in my abdominal area! It's not muscle, but bloating, it feels like! OUCH!!
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For my pictures!!

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Help Me Out

Tuesday, 9 February 2010 09:59
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I’m so going to cross-post this everywhere, but I need some major ideas and suggestions:

Okay, I need major help!! Okay, not help, but suggestions. For my pictures, when I post them, I currently use this:

and I love the "Snap to Scrap" (no one else seems to have it based on a basic google search *w00t*), but, I'm needing a "smaller design" to work with these actions: Finish It
Any suggestions? Any ideas?


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