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New layout! Including a new header! The colors look amazing on the tower monitor (HP2009m 21").
Checking the laptop now

Oh, *squee* Looks awesome on there!

BTW: Header says Defying Gravity with these wings will I fly


and I played with the layout of things

[ profile] innocently, credits are there. I just moved them ;)
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It's VERY dark and VERY bright! but I like it!!
And it looks pretty sweet on both the tower and the laptop.

I do need to figure out how to adjust the brightness of the monitor. Holy shiz, it's BRIGHT compared to the laptop!


Thursday, 22 April 2010 18:41
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Thanks to [ profile] innocently, I now have a fully functional, absolutely sexy (IMO) layout!!

And this is why I spent most of the day working on it:
My creation
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I'm trying to search Component_Help, but half their entries are missing, so yeah, that's a fail!

--> I want more "widgets" on the sidebars (I can only add two, it seems and I want more!)
--> I want to add a header ;) ... figured that one out :P
--> I want to customize the layout more ;)

Oh, and OW!! I'm having some serious pain in my abdominal area! It's not muscle, but bloating, it feels like! OUCH!!


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