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I don't update often.
I don't comment often.
I read! I promise I read.
LJ gets opened at least 2 times a day, minus days that I'm not on the computer.

Lots of things have been going on.
Ethan's officially a Wolf in Boy Scouts. Madi is a Junior.
Popcorn sales are over.
Cookie sales have begun {hit me up if you want some}
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That's about it.

Nothing Much

Saturday, 21 April 2012 16:08
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Seriously, nothing else is going on.

How pathetic is that?

Well, at least I have Starbucks in the Keurig, Cookie Dough in a jar, and the ability to froth milk.

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Hey my DnD nerds, I have a question: how do I translate the character sheets to be "real" world. You know, you're not going to go "I'm a level 23 Ranger, dual-classing at level 12 as a rogue" for example. Okay, some of you might, but I want something that translates easier, more for a novel that's not 100% DnD. Make sense?
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Mishelle asked that question in a blog post, and you know what? I really have to think on that. I responded with this:

I dream of being able to work from home, making a good amount of money, so that I can take a vacation and not have to worry if we’ll have enough for bills, because my husband would be losing all that OT. Whether it be by my writing, my photography, or something :D

That’s true, but it’s not the whole story. I want to learn to take pictures that people would want to buy, whether it would be limited prints, or unlimited.

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Long Time No Post

Saturday, 6 August 2011 16:25
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_MG_2219, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

Yeah, I had all these plans of blogging daily with LJ, but with them being so completely fail with not having a Windows 7 Mobile app, and no real answer on if they will, I haven't been blogging. The mobile site sucks ass. SO, I've been using my WP blog more :D

Otherwise, not much going on. Enrolled kids at school on Thursday. They start on the 17th (they got out the 19th of May). I haven't met their teachers, but I hope to soon. I've seen Ethan's! Her kids had swimming lessons the same time as Mrs. Stuewe's, LOL! Which was the class before Ethan and Madi, time-wise :D

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This is inspired by a Twitter conversation:

  • Remember that just because you have access to public transportation, not everyone does.
    Also remember that there are actually governors and legislators trying to BLOCK funding for better public transportation.
    The Midwest, for the most part, is big cities surrounded by little cities. That means just because “in town” has a bus service, most areas around doesn’t.

  • Healthcare isn’t available to everyone.
    From the time I was 20 until 3 years ago, I didn’t have healthcare, minus the times I was pregnant and 6weeks and 3months after.
    Even now that I do have healthcare, I’m leery of using it, because I know how much my out-of-pocket is. When I fucked up my ankle, I didn’t go, and while I regret that I have a hell of a lot of pain STILL, 18 months later, I don’t regret NOT going.

  • Cutting funding to Planned Parenthood isn’t stopping abortions.
    It’s cutting funding to cervical cancer screens, STD screens, and more!
    I used a form of Planned Parenthood when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was able to see a midwife and everything.
    When I got my confirmation, abortion was mentioned ONCE, and only if I’d thought about it. NOT considered it. I said “Yes, but we can’t".
    Yes, I am admitting that I thought of abortion with my daughter. It was literally a 5-minute thought. To this day, I’m SO thankful that I found out TOO late (20 weeks) to full consider. My daughter is my biggest blessing.

  • Those that use Planned Parenthood ARE NOT whores just getting knocked up.
    My cousin had a child at 16. She had a form of an IUD/ovary/fallopian tube blockage device done. It failed. She did what she COULD to not get pregnant, minus abstinence, because abstinence in a committed relationship is just BULLSHIT.
    Those who claim that are just pissy people who need to get laid, seriously.
    Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

  • Getting a new car is not always possible.
    Along those same lines, not all cars can do the biodiesel/other gas stuff.
    Also … have you LOOKED at the prices of new and/or used cars? A used hybrid is nearly the same as a NEW non-hybrid. Oh no, I’m NOT kidding!

  • MOVE.
    Really? Have you not been listening?

So, this is how I feel! I’m willing to debate, but DO NOT throw morality or religion at me.
NONE of what I’ve said has a DAMN thing to do with morals or religion.
You want to say committed relationships go against god? Guess what!?!
My committed relationship? In the eyes of the state and federal government?
I’m fucking married, so I’m having MARRIED PEOPLE SEX! Deal with it!

2010 in Review

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 12:33
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The year started off pretty easy, like normal. Well, not completely like normal, because we had a serious amount of snow. We received like 57 inches or something through-out the 2009/2010 winter season. It was amazing seeing how much we got. What was even more amazing was the fact that school barely got canceled for any of the snow.
In February (on Valentine’s Day), Josh got me the ultimate gift! I finally got myself a DSLR. I purchased a Canon Rebel XS! I only got the basic lens but want to eventually get a few more, for telephoto-shots and for macro, as well. Life is more interesting when you don’t have to deal with a crappy shutter speed like I’ve noticed with the standard point-n-shoots that I was using previously. So glad that I have the camera I have now.
In March, Ethan hit five years old. It’s amazing how fast he’s grown up. He has matured so much, and is still growing by leaps and bounds. In April, Josh hit that final mark before he hits thirty. I wanted to tease him mercilessly about it, but if I do that, he’d have the chance to do it back to me when my birthday comes around. So, I was nice and “polite”. Well, as polite as I can be.
May brought the end of Madi being a first grader and brought us closer to having two kids in school. It’s amazing how fast time seems to fly when they’re young like that. Or is it because I feel like they’re slowly slipping away from me?
In June, Madison turned the big SEVEN. She’s still a tiny little small thing, but she’s so bubbly and has an attitude that makes up for her petite little size. Also, in June, we went to Indiana to visit family there. We all got to meet my little nephew, Hunter. Mom also broke her ankle in two places. I had to drive her to the ER in our old Blazer, which was their old Blazer which is now their Blazer again. My current Blazer was on lifts getting her 4WD fixed. Mom wasn’t the only who broke a bone. Ethan broke both his ulna and his radius after falling off a desk. Poor little man!
July, I got to test out my DSLR on the fireworks. It took me a few hours, but I finally found the settings and got some really good shots of the lights. It was such a great time, even if they started setting off fireworks around Father’s Day in June and didn’t finish until August. Boonie folks don’t have manners, apparently.
August brought around the First Day of School. Madison was a second grader and Ethan started kindergarten. He had a few fits and starts but he got the hang of it. Madison had a few problems too, but even her teacher admitted that a chunk of it was a boy in her class.
September is the month of love for me. Forget February. September is the anniversary of mine and Josh’s dating. It’s the date we both admitted that, yeah, we’re dating, and more than just friends. I love Josh like there is no tomorrow.
November is Thanksgiving. It’s also the month that starts “Oh Holy Crap, Insane OT for Josh”. We went to Josh’s dad’s for Thanksgiving. It was a quiet day because everyone was working, out of town, or spending the rest of the time with their girlfriend’s family. November was also NaNoWriMo time! I won, with nine days to spare. I’m so freaking ecstatic at what I accomplished. Now to finish the novel!
December has a big significance to me. I’m a December baby. On the 8th, I turned 29. Oh crap! In 2011, I’ll turn 30. Not sure if that’s good or bad. We’ll find out, I guess!! On the 14th, the kids had their Christmas program. Everyone made it, but Jesse, who smacked his head hiding his girlfriend’s present. It’s not nice to laugh, but I’ll admit that I did do so. The weekend before Christmas, we went to Josh’s dad’s for an early celebration. It was nice. Everyone got gift cards, minus one, who got a full-custom gift from us. She definitely liked it! Christmas was nice, though I ended up sick!

In 2011, I’m hoping for more of the same. Life to just go on like normal. In 2011, we plan on buying a house. It’s a scary step for both of us. In 2011, I hope to finally learn more about how to use my camera, and to maybe learn to relax a little more.
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So, as anyone who is on my Twitter/Facebook/etc. has heard, I’ve been sick. I’m dealing with a fever and major headaches. Sinus all the way. Freaking SUCKS hard core, let me tell you!! I hate, hate, hate my sinuses. Even in FL, they were full of fail Sad smile
So, I didn’t write a word this weekend. Literally. Not a single word Sad smile
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I Remember

Saturday, 11 September 2010 10:48
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This post is something I do each year, and you’d think each year it would get easier, but it never has. I’m praying it never does, because that means we’re forgetting.

Nine years ago, I was living in Florida. Nine years ago, Josh and I were friends. Nine years ago, I didn’t have contact with the family who meant the most to me. Nine years ago, everything changed. Some for the better, some for the worse.

It started out as an ordinary day. I wake up, take a shower, enjoying some Linkin Park. I get in my crappy Ford Tempo, and drive to school. I honestly cannot remember what class. According to the day of the week it happened, it was apparently English Composition.

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Indiana Bound ... and back

So, Sunday, I left for Indiana (with the brats and my husband).
I got to meet my nephew, FINALLY! He turns 9 months old on the 17th!

I spent most of Sunday and Monday behind the camera, as well as Thursday. But Tuesday? I was in the ER!
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I guess i have to use mobile web. oh well. random caps are still in effect. Must find out how, if possible, how to fix that.

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Nature sucks but at least it's "pretty"

Geese, floating away. Actually, they ran away from my loud kids :(
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