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The hardest part is being so far away from my family, especially considering how distant Josh's is. My mom and my sister loved going every weekend to the mall, a store, somewhere, and doing some Christmas shopping. It's probably why we were always broke but I loved it.

I think I enjoyed Christmas more as a child, for sure. It was more exciting. I think knowing what all gifts are, being the one to wrap everything, all that, ruined it for me.
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Okay, Christmas is 99% done. Stocking stuffers, 3 gift cards (Jesse, Jamie, Mark), and bits and bobs here and there.

Otherwise? DONE!!

Oh, and some are WRAPPED!!
Megan, Randall, and Hunter's are all wrapped, in a box, ready to be shipped.
Paul, Kori, Gretchen and Heidi's as well. Oh yeah! I rock hard!!

Now poor Josh has to actually, you know, take the huge boxes to the PO and ship them. Poor dude. He's gonna see if they can process it and then he give them a check after, or something like that. Any extended hours any time soon? Our closest is in a not-so-safe place to be, and the safer one requires me driving downtown. Yeah, ha ha, right.

Kori: One note on one of your gifts, you'll have to dig in the unwrapped to find the rest of it, because I wrapped it so it'll be "safe" for shipping :)
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Just purchased my holiday music. About 3 cds worth. Plus what I can import when we open up the Christmas stuff. Booyah baby!

Then, I'm getting a tree for my birthday. Our old one is all busted looking (got it 6 years ago and a cat slept in it). This one will be of a similar height but slimmer. :) It'll fit better in the spot it goes into now, without getting caught in the door. Awesome, right? *w00t*

Also, don't forget Christmas Cards.


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Coffee Lover, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

My way of starting the Holiday Season off right: a nice hot cup of Newhall
Coffee! Who can beat that?
With foam, too? Oh lord! I'm in heaven.


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