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I've been doing Project 365 since January 1st. I've also been doing P52, which is the SCRAPPING of the pictures. :) I'm having fun with it!
More layouts that I've done :)
Template: Weeds and Wildflowers {modified}
Background: Everyday Bliss Basics by Down This Road Designs
Background: Everyday Bliss September by Down This Road Designs
DOTW: Everyday by shanmomof4
Raindrops: Everyday Bliss March by Down This Road Designs
Happy tab: Pieces of Me by Down This Road Designs
Football Season WA: Football Season by Down This Road Designs
School Days tab: Rule This School by Down This Road Designs
Clothes line: Sweet Cheeks by Snuggleberry Pie Designs
Cherish “sticker”: Cloud 9 by Marti Scraps
Date strip: Afternoon by Marni Designs
Week 37 alpha, rainbow stitches: Raining Sunshine by Marni Designs

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I've been going through old baby pictures of Madi (Ethan's are buried somewhere, LOL), and scrapping them. Oh, I'm having so much fun with it too!!

Goodness, she was *such* a cutie!!

That, and I can make glitter stuff now:

ArtRage FTW!!
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Mmm Coffee, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.
Kit: Let It Snow by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
Font: Pea Gretchie
There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day (or here, fall, as well). I’m so glad Kori introduced me to Newhall Coffee

There is nothing I enjoy more than coffee. I needed to make a layout using this kit and I didn't have any really good snow pictures. I need to take more.

But, I love having a hot drink on a cold day, so making my coffee this morning gave me an idea. And this was totally perfect!!

Thank you to @NewhallCoffee for making such a delicious coffee. Thank you to CoffeeMate creamer for making so many flavors for creamer. And, a huge thanks to [ profile] mrsbr00kster for getting me addicted to @NewhallCoffee.


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