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I like this one better :D Um, not much going on. On the "regular" blog, I do have a Week in the Life series going! Takes place in my city, written by people in my city #capitalcitycapers #Topeka #FMSPhotoADay #FMSPhotoADayOct
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I don't update often.
I don't comment often.
I read! I promise I read.
LJ gets opened at least 2 times a day, minus days that I'm not on the computer.

Lots of things have been going on.
Ethan's officially a Wolf in Boy Scouts. Madi is a Junior.
Popcorn sales are over.
Cookie sales have begun {hit me up if you want some}
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That's about it.

10 Books

Wednesday, 6 January 2010 17:53
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Good lord!! I just hit 10 books for the year already. No, I haven't finished them all. I just started #10 and still need to finish #6 (it's my bedtime book ;))

So, what how is your year going so far?
Josh got a letter from the lawyer hired by State Farm. He has to meet them on the 18th for a prep for the deposition on the 22nd. Fuck! Bitch is still suing him (for those that don't know, in 2007, Josh was rear-ended, then t-boned. Woman who hit him first was driving on a suspended license, and Josh was found *at fault* because he was "driving too fast for the conditions" - 30mph in a 70 during snowy conditions.). She's suing Josh for loss of wages and supposed injuries. Um, stupid bitch, if you hadn't been on the road, like you legally were supposed to be off, you wouldn't have been injured, you wouldn't have ended up in jail, and you wouldn't have lost your job. Hmm, whose real fault is all of this?

Gah! So, we have to miss hours (because they're just going to schedule him 5 days, which means we'll lose that 6th day of pay. *grumble*

Fuck off, Justice System.
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Okay, for Day 1, it was a total failure. I was so sick, courtesy of the flu, that I only got 1001 words done. Like I said, total fail!

Day 2, still had flu and could not concentrate. Josh suggested going into the bedroom and chilling out. So, I did, and opened the Write Or Die Desktop Edition.

The main writing blog got a one paragraph preview of the story, if you want to read it.


The flu has moved into my chest, so I'm like, death becomes her right now. At least I feel like that.
Yet, I'm waking up before 7am today and yesterday. Seriously? Who is this person? Shoot, by this time yesterday, I'd already showered. I had showered today before Josh left for work at quarter to seven. Helped with the chest, though!!


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