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I don't update often.
I don't comment often.
I read! I promise I read.
LJ gets opened at least 2 times a day, minus days that I'm not on the computer.

Lots of things have been going on.
Ethan's officially a Wolf in Boy Scouts. Madi is a Junior.
Popcorn sales are over.
Cookie sales have begun {hit me up if you want some}
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That's about it.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 21:49
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My friend, [ profile] mrs_staceyr , needs some more LJ friends. :)

She's sweet, but not XD

Think me, basically. :P VERY similar sense of humor. :)

She's a mom. She rocks.

She's a Floridian! Lucky bish!

Also, I updated my 2011 Book List :P

Never mind on that. LJ keeps EATING my f'ing book list, so, it's HERE:
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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Phury is definitely not one of my favorite brothers, but apparently one I identify with, if my relating of his story to my husband was anything to go by!

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No Mercy (Dark-Hunter, #19) (Were-Hunter, #6)No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh this was great! Sucked in, as always from the beginning. Loved seeing more into the Peltier family, as well as seeing Ash and Nick "speaking" and seeing Nick really still has his heart, even if he doesn't have his soul. LOVED IT!

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Day 23 → A YouTube video

My current book obsession. I own all three books (4th due in July). I got the 3rd 2 weeks after my birthday, and I've read it 3 times already LMAO!

Books of 2010

Friday, 1 January 2010 18:14
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I am hoping that I keep an accurate count and record of what books I read in 2010. Even if they're doubles/triplets/quads (and yes, some books I do do that!!).

1. Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Started: prior to 01/01/2010
Finished: 01/02/2010

2. Snow Kisses by Diana Palmer
Started: prior to 01/01/2010
Finished: 01/01/2010

3. A Long Tall Texan Summer by Diana Palmer
Started: 01/01/2010
Finished: 01/02/2010

4. Christmas Cowboy by Diana Palmer
Started: 01/02/2010
Finished: 01/03/2010

5. Beloved by Diana Palmer
Started: 01/03/2010
Finished: 01/04/2010
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Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Day 03 → Your favorite television program
Day 04 → Your favorite book
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My favorite books:
1. Gone with the Wind
2. Dark Hunter series
3. The League series
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I think banning books is a moronic idea. To me, it's akin to burning books.
We do not live in the Middle Ages. We live in a modern time. We should not be acting like heathens and burning and banning books. It makes us look like we do not have the brains to think for ourselves.

I might declare that I will never allow the Twilight series in my house (I can so see Madi sneaking those across the thresh hold, just because she's "denied" them, LOL), but I would never attempt to really keep anyone from reading what they wanted.

I dealt with that when I was 19, and living with the DNA Donor. She and her husband threw away over $1,000 worth (used prices, BTW, not new) of romance novels because there was premarital sex in it. A couple of those books were purchased by my siblings, and to this day, I'm still on the hunt for them because of they hold sentimental value to me.
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badmoonrisingBad Moon Rising: Oh wow! Awesome, awesome, AWESOME BOOK!

I started this book around 3pm and finished it just after midnight. Um, no, I’m not obsessed with the Dark Hunter series. I swear. Okay, even I can’t keep a straight face while I say that. This recent installment is the story of Fang Kattalaskis and Aimee Peltier. Fang is a Were-Hunter who’s animal form is a wolf. Aimee is also a Were-Hunter but her animal form is a bear.

There’s a lot of back story and a bit of repetition to the story, but you get a different view of the whole story.

As Sherrilyn Kenyon put (in a REPLY TO ME!!):

Most of what we've seen of Fang is him in a coma. But when not being trapped, he's something else. Think of the fights in NE.

NOTICE: I will now be sharing spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book and plan to, you might want to mosey along now!

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I base it on the cover (yes, the cover), and I also look at the back/synopsis. If there's an excerpt, I'll read that. Mainly, I base it on who wrote it and family/friend suggestions.

Currently I'm reading the Bay Harbor series by Nora Roberts. I've read the series a few times, but I still love reading it. Josh is actually the one who got me the first two of the series. He based it on his knowledge of me, and my love of Nora Roberts :)