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or something.
Okay, my story:
She had just moved across the country from everyone she knew and loved. She's given a chance to make some friends, but rebuffs them. She chases her cat, and ends up in another world. To escape this world, she must team up with beings she's never seen before and fight creatures she's never imagined could exist.
So, that's the "prewrite" beginning, but I have a question for the middle. It's a romance. So, there has to be sex.
The world she ends up in is Faerun (Dungeons and Dragon world). She's helped by the man she rebuffs. Well, his character anyway.
My question: safe to have sex? See, I'm still not sure if he's going to "remember" what she remembers or not. Maybe she'll just chalk it up to a very erotic dream?
Please. Anything. Seriously.
Well, no mocking :D Not that I think anyone would :D

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I'm trying to search Component_Help, but half their entries are missing, so yeah, that's a fail!

--> I want more "widgets" on the sidebars (I can only add two, it seems and I want more!)
--> I want to add a header ;) ... figured that one out :P
--> I want to customize the layout more ;)

Oh, and OW!! I'm having some serious pain in my abdominal area! It's not muscle, but bloating, it feels like! OUCH!!
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Okay, I got a Rebel (XS/1000D) recently, and I got a SanDisk Extreme (30mb/s) card with it. Well, $50 for a back-up card (since that's the cheapest and smallest) is a little steep after spending that much on a camera.

So, I'm curious on those with a DSLR (preferably that uses SD cards ) can answer this, or offer some suggestions:
I've seen the SanDisk Ultra, which is half as fast, and for half the price. Would I really notice the difference in the speed? I'd like to have more memory for the camera, plus a back-up so what happened today never happens again (left the house, with the camera, went to take a picture and No Card is blaringly obvious ).

So ... should I just suck it up and spend $50 on another 4gig card, or can I spend $50 and get a 8gig with a SanDisk Ultra (I prefer SanDisk because the other brands we've tried always end up getting corrupted ). Note: I can only use SD cards in my camera. It does not accept anything else but.



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