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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 11:04
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My Numbers: (all in inches)
Left Calf: 14
Right calf: 14
Left Thigh: 21
Left Thigh: 21
Left forearm: 10
Right Forearm: 9
Left Bicep: 11
Right Bicep: 11
Hips meets thighs (the bulge area): 38
Top of pelvis: 33
Bottom of ribs: 29
Under breasts: 30
Fullest part of breasts: 32.5
Shoulders (clavical to clavical, or just below, near the acromion): 41
Neck: 14

So, widest part of me is my shoulders, unless you count both thighs together, then it would be the thigh area, my two areas that I struggle with with clothes but *can't* modify. Shoulders are seriously bony, and the thighs are pretty toned, minus up closer to the groin area.

Weight: 132.5, according to digital scale.
Goal: 125, though I'd love to see 115-120 :-D

Program: 30-Day Shred. Not really making a HUGE diet change because I'd give up. I'm working slowly. Add in some exercise, then work on food

Currently: Finished Day 02.

Gonna Try

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 09:46
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Gonna Try, originally uploaded by TM2TS.

I have Hip Hop Abs but not the space for it. I tried. I kept injuring myself. Loves the work-out, though. If the laptop battery would last outside, I'd totally do it there. But 20 minutes, with hand weights. Minimal space use. I can do that.

I won't be starting until AFTER Back to Basics, because, um, I'd like to be able to move, LOL! I tend to over-do it, and I'm needed for things while we're at camp, including being with the Daisies. Yeah, need to be able to move to be able to chase after Kindergarten and First Graders :D

So Yeah ...

Saturday, 24 April 2010 19:56
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I have to do Hip Hop Abs barefoot apparently. Before I did the major fuck-up to my foot, I could do pretty much anything, in any pair of shoes. Now? Insane pain in the middle of my foot, right where the arch starts. Sadly, I would think, okay, new arch supports, good to go, but I also have major pain in the top of my foot as well.

Biggest cause, I think, is that I'm a toe walker. I literally run and do a major portion of my walking on the ball and toes of my foot. NO idea why. I've noticed Dad seems to walk similarly, and my sister had to have corrective shoes to fix it, and still does it. Plus, Madi does it as well. So, maybe it's genetic.

Anyways, back to the subject. We've got two more ideas on fixing the issue. One has a support for the ball of the foot, which might help. If not, we might have to buy the $50 Dr. Scholl ones that have the display at Walmart. Shit, might help the fact that I'll be putting my weight on my left side, and I'm still leaning to the right!

I didn't work out yesterday. I don't even feel like fail because I would be so fucked right now if I had. I woke up with the symptoms of an aura migraine. Those things are fucking killer, if you've had one. My warning signs are half of my body going numb. I felt nauseous, and I felt disconnected and numb. So, to prevent the migraine from becoming unbearable, I took an Excedrin Migraine (only non-prescription meds that works for me), and wow! I was high as a kite yesterday! Today, I still felt that wonky feeling, so I held off working out until Josh got home. BUT I did it!! So, 5 days of Hip Hop Abs. No major difference besides the fact that I sleep like a rock now, and can wake up a lot easier. That could be the Tylenol PM because of jaw pain and random headaches and pain. Bleh!

Starting Again

Wednesday, 30 September 2009 21:59
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Okay, I was like TEN DAYS shy of kicking ass with the 30-Day Challenge.
Well, [livejournal.com profile] mrsdoubleu and [livejournal.com profile] mrsbr00kster got on my ass about that today {so needed it done}

So, I'm restarting. Seriously restarting. Like tomorrow going out and buying ankle weights and new resistance straps. No excuses.
Today, I kicked ass. Like, I literally screamed when I beat a work-out!

Goals, Work-outs, etc )

Now, my legs are seriously shaking and quaking, LOL!

So, if you wanna help me keep on track, feel free to kick my ass on Twitter and/or Plurk. I dare you!!

Now, it's time for me to soon head to bed


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