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Dirty Liberal
Human rights for all
Uterus equality
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To me, it's better doing that than the stupid "let's completely remake the movie, identical script, everything, but new people" like they did with Footloose.
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I use Firefox currently the most.
If I need a switch, I use Chrome.

Most annoying? Honestly, it's Opera. Some features are super dumbed-down and I feel like I am too stupid to use it because of it, which makes NO sense.
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If we're not going to count family and money, since the world requires both ;), I'll do the 3 not of those :)

1. My cellphone. Unlimited minutes, basically, unlimited texts, unlimited data. Oh yeah!
2. My Kindle. Books. Bitches! Books!
3. Working internet ;)
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My kids are more cuddly during it :D
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Nope. Expecting some on Tuesday, though.

And yay! Main site works mobile-y on my phone <3
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I don't have one. I wish I did though!
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World hunger or lack of healthcare
Having the ability to see a doctor when you're sick, or to prevent getting sick should not be something that only the rich can afford to do. It's ridiculous!
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Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Miracle on 34th Street
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HTC Titan (it's a 8mp cellphone!)
Stand mixer (you know, a nice one that accepts attachments)
A telephoto lens
a Macro lens
Bokeh lens kit
a vacation ;)
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Christmas. It's what I grew up with. I'm Christian but with other religious ideals.
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Yes, in German. It sounds SO much better that way!
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I'm allergic to fake cheese. There's something in the almost *all* oil cheeses (I don't even think they MAKE it anymore) that causes me to break out in hives.
I'm also milk protein sensitive. Meaning if I drink anything more than 2%, I get MAJOR stomach cramps, gas, and the like. :(
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I don't support 90% of what the current Congress is doing.
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Beauty and the Beast
Brother Bear

Honestly, and seriously? 99.9% of them
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Buy some land for a house. Build a house.
Buy a truck, custom job, for my husband. Get a lift done on my SUV. Find out if it's able to be made hybrid.
Put half, split in two, into savings accounts for the kids, for their college funds.
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Fiction. Give me fiction!!
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Whoever does the asking, IMO.
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Courage of conviction.
A voice.
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Always alfredo!


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